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Blind Pilotage Techniques Pdf Do

See Fig. l4.3The radio room has fitted a three speed Phillips Tape Recorder similar to the one in the sound room. This is used to record the high speed broadcast, thereby reducing the time at periscope depth or with the ALK streamed.14-11 Antennas used dived near the surface.Figure 14.314-12 14.06 RADAR AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENTA. RadarRoyal Navy type 1002 radar is fitted. This set has two methods of operation.(1) Warning. In this mode the set can be operated in either sector scan or an all round sweep. The antenna is mounted on a periscopic mast (type AKT) hence radar can be operated with the submarine at periscope depth.(2) Periscope Ranging. Facility for direct radar ranging exists on the search periscope operated by 'cut push' on the periscope. The resultant range may be either fed directly to the fire control calculator or to a display.(3) This is an "X" band radar and is chiefly a surface warning set. It's chief use in the submarine is for blind pilotage. It would unlikely ever be used in wartime or in making an attack. Modern ECM sets can detect even the very short transmission of the Periscope Ranger.B. Electronic WarfareThe Royal Naval E.C.M. type UA4 is installed with its associated periscopic mast (type AYG). Aerial type AMK is mounted on the top of the E.C.M. aerial.Type UA4 equipment is capable of monitoring 'X', 'C' and equipment bands simultaneously from three CRTs located in the Radar Office.The E.C.M. would be manned at all times when snorkelling in wartime or in major exercises. In addition to a visual indication of an enemy transmission, there is also an audio signal. The intensity of the signal is an indication of the nearness of the transmitting radar set to the submarine and is reported almost continuously to the OOW by the RP on the set.14-13 C. IFFThe IFF equipment fitted is the Royal Navy's type 955. The transponder only is currently installed.This equipment enables an aircraft or ship to challenge the submarine with IFF. If the correct codes are set in the challenging ship and the submarine, the E.C.M. mast is raised and the IFF in the submarine is switched on, the transponder fitted will automatically send back the correct answer to the challenge from the ship or aircraft.D. The Electromagnetic LogThis log is designed to detect and display:(1) Speed - 0-40 kts indicating in 1/10 kt max error should be 1/4 kt(2) Distance - displayed in control room in 1/10 mile.There are three log sending elements fitted; two attached to 4 MBT port and stbd and one on the port side of the fin at bridge level. These probes may be changed without docking, but the log must be re-calibrated if they are. Only one probe is used at a time.The amplifiers are fitted in the radar room. The display units are fitted above the chart table.The buttons on the sensing elements require cleaning at regular intervals. They should be examined monthly by the divers doing engineering routines on the stern glands etc. and gently cleaned by rubbing with the bare fingers.E. ARL TableThe submarine is fitted with one ARL table located in the stbd side of the control room. It is supplied with speed input from the EM log or a clock drive and with direction input from the ships MK 23 gyro. It is used for the following:14-14 E. ARL Table (Cont'd)

Blind Pilotage Techniques Pdf Do


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