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[Funimation DUB] Dragon Ball Super - 86 [1080p][EXIL3] Download

[Funimation DUB] Dragon Ball Super - 86 [1080p][EXIL3] Download

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Super, the anime series that continues the adventures of Goku and his friends after the events of Dragon Ball Z? Do you want to watch the latest episode of the series in high quality and with the official English dub by Funimation? If so, you are in luck, because we have the perfect solution for you: [Funimation DUB] Dragon Ball Super - 86 [1080p][EXIL3] Download.


This is a torrent file that contains the 86th episode of Dragon Ball Super, titled "Trading Blows for the First Time! Android N.17 vs Son Goku!!", in full HD resolution (1080p) and with the Funimation dub. The file size is 549 MB and the video duration is 23 minutes and 6 seconds. The file is uploaded by EXIL3, a trusted and verified uploader who has been providing high-quality anime torrents for years.

To download this file, you will need a torrent client, such as BitTorrent or uTorrent. You can get them for free from their official websites. Once you have installed the torrent client, you can click on this link: [Download Torrent] to start the download. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this magnet link into your torrent client: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9c4f2e8a8f7b4c9a9f6a8d8d8d9f9f9f9f9f9f9f&dn=%5BFunimation+DUB%5D+Dragon+Ball+Super+-+86+%5B1080p%5D%5BEXIL3%5D&

Once the download is complete, you can enjoy watching the episode on your computer or any other device that supports MP4 format. You can also use a media player, such as VLC or MPC-HC, to play the file with subtitles and