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Marina And The Diamonds The Family Jewels Zippy

To bring her ideas to life, in the exact way she envisioned them, Marina Bulgari knew that her jewelry had to be crafted in Paris, where the very best ateliers were situated and had been for a century or more. At the time, in the 1970s, High Jewelry could only be made in France, but of course this meant that Madame Bulgari had to battle masculine predominance over workshops, artisans and artisanship. She was extremely courageous in taking on the jewelry establishment, in tackling prejudices, and in pushing forward her design innovations. Amongst the workshops she chose to fabricate her jewels, one atelier was managed by a woman, Brigitte Péry. Having started out working with her father as a secretary in the family firm, Brigitte became the director of Péry & Fils, a revered High Jewelry workshop founded in 1875, by her great-grandfather, Lucien Péry. The atelier worked with the most celebrated Maisons, but was most closely connected to Van Cleef & Arpels, for whom Péry & Fils created, amongst other iconic designs, the ingenious Zip necklace.

marina and the diamonds the family jewels zippy


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