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Fx Racer: Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Tires and Car Settings

Fx Racer: A Thrilling Racing Game for PC

Do you love racing games that challenge your skills and adrenaline? Do you want to experience the thrill of competing in the world championship along 18 circuits? If you answered yes, then you should try Fx Racer, a racing game that immerses you in fast speeds with other supercars. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Fx Racer, including its features, gameplay, and reasons to download it.

What is Fx Racer?

Fx Racer is a racing game published by FNK Games that lets you compete in the world championship of supercars. You can choose from different race options, configure your car settings, make improvements to your car, and adapt to the weather changes during the race. You can also practice your skills in the training mode, qualify for the best position on the grid, or race on your desired circuit in the quick race mode. Fx Racer is a game that requires strategy, reflexes, and precision to win.

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Features of Fx Racer

Fx Racer has many features that make it an exciting and realistic racing game. Here are some of them:

Race options

Before each race, you can select your strategy for each race. You can choose the type of tire you want to mount at the start of each race and when performing the pit stop. There are six types of tires: super soft, soft, medium, hard, intermediate, and extreme rain. Each tire has different characteristics in terms of grip, maximum speed, and wear. You have to choose wisely depending on the circuit and the weather conditions.

Car configuration

You can also configure your car settings to suit your preferences and needs. You can adjust the engine power, transmission, aerodynamics, and suspension of your car. These adjustments affect the behavior of your car in terms of acceleration, top speed, and tire wear. You can experiment with different settings to find the most suitable for each race.

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Car improvements

As you race in the championship or sprint races, you can earn credits that you can use to make up to 50 upgrades on each of the cars. You can increase your race performance by improving your engine, transmission, aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, tires, and fuel tank. You can also buy new cars with different specifications and designs.

Weather changes

The weather will change during the race and you will have to adapt your strategy accordingly. You may encounter sunny weather, light rain, heavy rain, or thunderstorms. The weather affects the grip, visibility, and tire wear of your car. You have to be careful not to lose control or crash into other cars or obstacles.

Qualifying race

You can run the qualifying race before the championship races to establish your place on the starting grid. The qualifying race consists of three sessions where you have to set the fastest lap time possible. The slower cars are eliminated after each session until only 10 cars remain for the final session. The qualifying race is optional but recommended if you want to have an advantage over your rivals.

Training race

You can also practice your skills in each circuit of the championship in the training mode. This mode allows you to try different configurations in your car without any pressure or competition. You can see your lap times and compare them with different settings. The training mode is useful for learning the layout of each circuit and finding the best lines and braking points.

Quick race mode

Apart from the championship mode, you can also race on any circuit you want in the quick race mode. This mode lets you customize your race settings, such as the number of laps, the difficulty level, the weather, and the car. You can also race against the computer or against another player on the same device. The quick race mode is ideal for having fun and testing your skills on different scenarios.

How to Play Fx Racer?

Fx Racer is easy to play but hard to master. Here are some basic instructions on how to play Fx Racer:

Controls and mechanics

You can control your car using the keyboard or the mouse. The arrow keys or the mouse movement control the steering, while the space bar or the left mouse button control the acceleration. You can also use the Z and X keys or the right mouse button to change the camera view. You can see your speed, lap time, position, and tire condition on the screen. You can also see a mini-map of the circuit and a flag indicator that shows the status of the race.

You have to follow the rules of the race and avoid collisions or penalties. You have to respect the yellow flags that indicate danger or slow down zones. You have to enter the pit lane when you need to change tires or repair your car. You have to avoid going off track or cutting corners. You have to finish the race within the time limit or you will be disqualified.

Strategy and tips

To win races in Fx Racer, you need more than just speed. You need strategy and skill. Here are some tips that can help you improve your performance:

  • Choose your tire type carefully depending on the weather and the circuit. For example, use soft tires for dry and short circuits, and hard tires for wet and long circuits.

  • Adjust your car settings to suit your driving style and preferences. For example, increase your engine power for more speed, or increase your aerodynamics for more grip.

  • Make improvements to your car as you earn credits. For example, upgrade your brakes for better stopping power, or upgrade your fuel tank for longer races.

  • Practice your skills in the training mode and learn the layout of each circuit. For example, memorize the turns, curves, and straights, and find the best lines and braking points.

  • Qualify for a good position on the grid in the championship mode. For example, try to set a fast lap time in each session and avoid traffic or mistakes.

  • Adapt your strategy to the weather changes during the race. For example, change your tires when it starts raining or stop raining, or adjust your speed and grip accordingly.

  • Use your reflexes and precision to avoid collisions or penalties. For example, steer carefully and smoothly, brake early and gently, and overtake safely and cleanly.

Why You Should Download Fx Racer?

Fx Racer is a racing game that offers a lot of fun and excitement for racing fans. Here are some reasons why you should download Fx Racer:

Pros and cons of Fx Racer

Fx Racer has many pros that make it a great racing game, such as:

  • It has realistic graphics and sound effects that create an immersive racing experience.

  • It has 18 circuits from around the world that offer different challenges and scenarios.

  • It has various race options that allow you to customize your race settings and strategy.

  • It has a car configuration system that lets you adjust your car settings and make improvements.

  • It has a weather system that changes during the race and affects your car performance.

  • It has a qualifying mode that lets you compete for the best position on the grid.

  • It has a training mode that lets you practice your skills on each circuit.

  • It has a quick race mode that lets you race on any circuit you want.

  • It has a multiplayer mode that lets you race against another player on the same device.

Fx Racer also has some cons that may affect your enjoyment of the game, such as:

  • It may have some bugs or glitches that may cause crashes or errors.

  • It may have some ads or in-app purchases that may interrupt your gameplay or require money.

  • It may have some compatibility issues with some devices or operating systems.

  • It may have some difficulty spikes or balance issues that may make some races too easy or too hard.

User reviews and ratings

Fx Racer has received mostly positive reviews and ratings from users who have downloaded and played it. Here are some examples of user reviews and ratings from the web:

"The game is spectacular! The controls look nice, the cars look sick, tracks look good, about the whole game is good. But there could be more done to the game so it's better. Here is my opinions, I think you should add the peniltys for speeding in pit lane or corner cutting so the race isn't that very easy. Second, there should be flags like greens, yellows, reds, etc and make it s


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