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Ls Models Future School Torrent

for example, in a school in hokkaido, there are two teachers: one teaches a typically lower-division (6-8) one-year course, and the other teaches a typically upper-division (9-12) two-year course. each teacher assumes, in teaching the upper-division course, that the students in that course (via instructional materials, homework, end-of-unit tests, and so on) are able to solve mathematics problems and use mathematics to think for themselves.

Ls Models Future School Torrent

the school in hokkaido was one of those schools in japan that was recommended to me by a colleague. he is a senior math teacher who went there and toured the school. after the inspection, he sent me a list of recommendations for improvement. he wrote, "please advise on mathematics lessons with the above-mentioned resource view," by which he meant that the school in hokkaido was quite successful in its focus on mathematics problem solving.

my response: "i have some difficulty imagining teaching with 'the above-mentioned resource view' in the japanese schools you've visited. until recently, the approach to mathematics teaching in japan has been the problem solving approach. i think that i am not quite aware of the details of the instruction, but i suspect that the curriculum is much more traditional, at least in the 8th and 9th grade level, and the classroom instruction relies much more on textbooks than problem solving. it's easy for me to imagine that the concept 'teach mathematics problem solving' may be not familiar in many japanese schools."

and then, a friend in japan wrote to me, "thanks for your email. but i think what you said is actually wrong. our school is not teaching the traditional teaching method, that is, the textbook method. we are much more than that. the only thing we are doing, in terms of the textbook method, is providing worksheets for the students to fill in and make a mark if they have understood the problems. this is done after we ask students to discuss the problems and their solutions. the only reason we use the textbook method is to motivate students to discuss the problems, which makes them learn the problem solving in a different way."


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