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Ngoma ya Vhatei: A Classic Venda Novel

Ngoma ya Vhatei, which means "The Drum of the Chief" in Venda, is a novel written by N.A. Milubi, a prominent Venda author and educator. The novel was first published in 1984 and has been revised three times since then. It is considered one of the most important works of Venda literature and culture.

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The novel tells the story of Tshililo, a young man who is chosen by the chief of his village to be the drummer of the sacred drum, Ngoma ya Vhatei. The drum is a symbol of the chief's authority and power, and it is only played during special occasions and ceremonies. Tshililo is honored by this role, but he also faces many challenges and temptations along the way. He has to deal with the jealousy of his rivals, the expectations of his family and community, and the allure of a beautiful woman named Mpho. He also has to learn the secrets and traditions of the drum, which are guarded by the elders and the ancestors.

The novel explores various themes such as love, loyalty, courage, tradition, modernity, and identity. It also depicts the rich and diverse aspects of Venda culture, such as music, dance, folklore, rituals, and history. The novel is written in Venda, a Bantu language spoken by about 1.3 million people in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The novel has been praised for its authentic and vivid portrayal of Venda life and values.

Ngoma ya Vhatei is widely used as a set book for secondary school students in South Africa who study Venda as a subject. It is also popular among general readers who are interested in Venda culture and literature. The novel is available in print and digital formats. You can find a PDF copy of the novel online by searching for "ngomayavhateipdfdownload" on Bing or other search engines. You can also access a slide presentation of the novel on SlideShare. Alternatively, you can buy a hard copy of the novel from Van Schaik bookstore or other online retailers.

If you are looking for a classic and captivating novel that will introduce you to the fascinating world of Venda culture and literature, Ngoma ya Vhatei is a great choice. You will enjoy reading this novel and learning more about the drum of the chief.


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