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Ala Laney Model

Design: Retrospective cohort study. The primary variables explored are AKI (categorical complication code for serum creatinine > 1.5 mg/dL or International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Revision 9 for acute renal failure), and RRT (complication/Current Procedural Terminology code for dialysis or hemofiltration). Multiple variables previously associated with mortality in this population were controlled, using logistic stepwise regression. Decision tree modeling was performed to determine optimal variables and cut points to predict mortality.

Ala Laney Model

Description of Work Laney Electric has done major repair for us at least three times during the last three years. (Please note that the listed date of last service should be ignored. Entering that date in this report was not possible because of a functionality problem with the website.) The quality of their work is gpod. I just feel that they charge too much. They did major repair in our home three years ago after severe damage due to flooding and mold. The job was promptly completed and I didn't question rhe bill. Since then I have been concerned about fees for smaller repairs. Because so many companies performing electrical repairs have service personnel lacking proper certification of training, I would rely upon this company to do safe major work in the future. Before employing them, however, I would require an itemized statement of details of proposed aervice and a reliable estimate of the fee. Do bear on mind that unexpected problems arise in major repairs or remodeling, especially if the prior work had been done by others. It is always desirable to get at least one other estimate, even if you would have to pay an additional fee for travel time and distance for a reputable contractor in another city or state.

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African Americans did not always agree about the best and most strategic approach to social service development. The fervor for change was so strong among some reformers that they held a pathological concept of other African Americans who were not well-educated or who did appear motivated to improve their situations. Other reformers and activists believed that they were obligated to model appropriate behavior and become examples for the less fortunate to follow. Invidious distinctions notwithstanding, these pioneers moved with deliberate speed to identify problem-solving strategies and to institute appropriate and self-sustainable programs. The extent of social problems that the African American faced allowed room for many different approaches to meeting human need.


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