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Why I started this blog...

Updated: May 10, 2022

I have started this blog to share my journey which will include:

  • recovery from anorexia;

  • juggling life as a mum of 3, wife, student, and employee in the legal industry in Australia; and

  • my journey as "the budding lawyer".

I will share my stories of success, failure, challenge, and accomplishments. It is my hope that this blog provides just one person with help, support, or hope of any kind.

Recently, for R U OK? day I shared my story of trauma and struggle with anorexia with my employer and all of my work colleagues across three countries in the hope that my story may first and foremost, assist just one person to reach out to me (or someone else) for support and to allow me (or others) to help them to in times of need; and secondly, to encourage my peers (many of whom are lawyers or workplace relations specialists) to actively support our clients to retain, support and manage employees experiencing mental health challenges. I have been so fortunate to have had two incredible leaders as my direct managers at times where my anorexia was at its worst and I believe that these managers have had a profound effect on my recovery and success.

After sharing my story with my employer and colleagues I commenced a period of extended leave to start my journey of recovery from this bout of anorexia relapse. The response and support from my colleagues was overwhelming and so positive. It led me to contemplate whether sharing more broadly (than my employer and colleagues) may serve to assist more here I am airing my dirty laundry, demonstrating self-compassion, determination, courage and resilience, in hope that I may give hope to someone else.

I promise to be raw, honest, authentic and genuine. In the spirit of honesty, whilst I promise to be open and honest, I may withhold details occasionally for privacy reasons or because I'm not ready to share more but please feel free to contact me directly as needed.

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