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Aura 2 The Sacred Crack

Humans, some beasts, and even the occasional tree might engage in the sacred arts, albeit in different ways. Following their chosen Path, sacred artists develop their spiritual power or madra by cycling vital aura. The sacred arts are structured in such a way as to naturally lead to advancement. However, humans advance differently than sacred beasts or sacred trees.

Aura 2 The Sacred Crack


All citizens of Cradle are born at the foundation stage. Outside of children, the only people that remain at this primary stage are the spiritually crippled. This level grants the individual the ability to sense their own core and madra. Compared to all other sacred artists they are spiritually weak and have the bodies of normal humans. They are capable of activating weak scripts and can employ simple techniques, though doing so quickly exhausts them. Foundation stage artists can cycle but are not yet able to cycle the vital aura of the world.

Soulfire is the Signature of the Lord Realm. Soulfire is purified vital aura, with no impurities or imperfections. When created, it is stored in one's soulspace and may be used by the sacred artist in a variety of ways.

There are three steps to reaching Underlord & Underlady, all cumulating in a personal revelation that looks backward in time: Why did I first begin to follow the sacred arts? What pushed me forward? When this insight resonates within, one reaches outward, to the vital aura all around, and is then washed in soulfire, reborn, rejuvenated, body and soul. This is detailed below:

With the vital aura in resonance, Archlord soulfire sweeps through the sacred artist, refining and strengthening both physically and spiritually. The advanced sacred artist now has even more power than at Overlord rank, and far, far more than when an Underlord: 350c69d7ab


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